On 21 October 2020 Alina Holdings PLC adopted the following new investment policy:

Our objective is to identify and acquire interests in potential target businesses capable of delivering long term value for its shareholders.

In doing so, we will seek to acquire control of or influential stakes in target companies, businesses or assets, enabling us to develop the target business.

We will consider a range of potential business and assets for acquisition or investment. However, our initial focus will be on leisure and hospitality and our initial target is European leisure and entertainment.

Acquisition or investment targets will most likely be located in less developed destinations, which are considered to offer the best potential for capital appreciation.

Having deployed available capital, our objective will be:

  • to operate acquired businesses and implement an operating strategy with a view to generating value for shareholders through operational expansion and improvements as well as potentially through additional complementary transactions; and
  • to carefully monitor our investments where the investment does not confer voting control and influence the development and capital appreciation. We will consider injecting further capital into our acquired or investment companies, businesses or assets in order to accelerate growth.

We will continue to actively manage our current property portfolio alongside the new strategy at least until the current uncertainty overhanging the UK property market has ended.